Compliance Solutions

Our e-KYC Solution

Luxembourg Compliance Solutions (LCS) has entered into a key partnership with a state of the art FinTech Company platform. Our e-KYC Solution is cloud-based and fully API enabled to connect seamlessly to all your systems and devices. LCS understand that a good user interface should work as easily as an iPad, which is why we continuously work on improving the user-friendly aspect of our platform. The software can be set up according to your very own preferences and needs.

How to use our e-KYC solution

Why doing your KYC-AML with us?

Save time

By choosing us to organize your KYC-AML process, you ensure that the implementation of your mandatory KYC obligation is a question of minutes, not days. Let your clients provide the necessary KYC-AML information via the easy-to-use online platform and be fully compliant.

From obligation to opportunity

As onboarding becomes less cumbersome, the regulatory obligation can instead give way to an opportunity to really get to know your clients. After all, knowing your clients is the best way to grow your business. We are here to advise you and to provide an easy-to-use online KYC-AML platform, which will raise the profile of your organization simply by reinforcing its digital edge.

Make compliance easy

Our system will be tailored to your KYC-AML requirements so that you can fulfill the legal requirements specific to your compliance without having to implement heavy in-house processes.

Access flexibility

Our platform is very easily accessible via a large variety of devices, amongst others mobiles and web interfaces.

Assistance at your disposal

We offer a catalogue of questions that you can draw on when onboarding clients for better workflow and control as well as to lower both your costs and risk.

Our goals

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    Make onboarding of your clients less cumbersome

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    Let clients finish the KYC trajectory superfast

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    Be fully compliant, on a continuous basis

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    Reframe a regulatory requirement to an opportunity

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    Multichannel setup enables both mobile and web interfaces

When I can use LCS?

We have created an e-KYC solution for any organization or business in search of a KYC-AML solution, which will enable them to improve operational efficiency and commercial performance.

For Client Onboarding & Remediation

Client Onboarding

  • Developed to onboard natural and legal persons, statutory directors and UBO’s.
  • Experience our user-friendly interface: LCS uses a controlled intake procedure, consistently based on the same steps. 
  • Identify your clients through passport scan, liveness check, plus derived identification. 
  • Generate and sign contracts through e-identity: SMS, iDEAL, iDIN, ITSME or E-Identity.

Client Remediation

  • Execute funnel overhaul: reassess and update all your client data.
  • Organize client data and clear up any contradictory information.
  • Use any channel, when reaching out to clients to update and verify their data.
  • Possibility to add your bespoke client survey.


Who already trust us and our technology?

  • An on-line trading platform associated to a banking institution
  • A private Equity Manager with several Luxembourg funds
  • A co-working operator.

We use financial technology with humans in mind. We have therefore come up with a KYC-AML onboarding solution that may be tailored to a large variety of business and industries and with a focus on ultimate user experience. We make onboarding and follow-up as easy as possible and less time-consuming.

Book a demo

You can contact us to book a demo. Try our solution today and grow tomorrow.

If you are

  • Fund Management Company
  • Financial Institution
  • Market Place
  • Fintech company
  • Real-Estate Company
  • Exclusive (Porsche/AUDI etc.) car dealer
  • Notary
  • Law Firm
  • Company with organizational process requiring KYC

Our pricing model

Ease of use and customer experience are priorities that are paramount to our e-KYC solution. We apply no minimum fees and no set-up fees for our ready-to-use KYC-AML platform. We are price friendly with a monthly pay-per-use fee per continuous counterparty check. Transparency is in our DNA with minimal termination terms (30 days).