Compliance Solutions

About us

At Luxembourg Compliance Solutions (LCS), we benefit from multiple years of combined experience within the investment funds (AIFM, Fund Administration) and financial services industry (wealth management, private banking) as a whole. We have been running fully regulated financial services firms in Luxembourg for 10 years while developing key partnerships abroad. Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on their core business activity (i.e. portfolio management, business development) instead of constantly being distracted by monitoring and fulfilling additional regulatory and legal requirements. Our commitment towards our clients is to ensure the highest-level of regulatory compliance for their investment products and services for the benefit of all stakeholders with a focus on their investors and clients. As a team, we are specialized in regulated, as well as unregulated alternative investments products and management thereof. On a constant basis, we master the applicable regulations which relentlessly evolve. We continuously invest in technology and systems as we believe this is the only way to achieve an economic and commercially powerful compliance solution.

Our values

Our values


We firmly believe that every business should be based on strong professional and ethical standards. At LCS we have a values-based compass that doesn't waver whatever the change in circumstances. We always put our clients’ business safety first by ensuring strict compliance with and anticipation of applicable legislations and regulatory norms, while achieving economic and commercial efficiency. We expect such integrity approach to be shared by our clients and different stakeholders.

Customer focus and communication

The guiding principle of our mission is to make sure that legal and regulatory compliance measures are put in place for the benefit of our clients’ operations and investors. We never forget that our clients’ intrinsic interests are the nexus of our objectives. We constantly communicate with our clients so that our business partners can be up to date with both compliance and regulatory matters, as well as with the tasks and services which are currently performed for them and their investors/clients.


We know that compliance and regulatory matters are usually not straight-forward, but we make them accessible to our clients, as much as possible, through technology-related solutions. We ensure that our clients understand and agree with our methodology and the tasks we perform for them.

Diversity and Network

Our team members and partners come from a variety of investment related backgrounds in terms of asset classes (listed and unlisted), organization types (AIFM, Wealth Management, Banking and Fund Administration, FinTech) and geographical regions (Luxembourg, CEE, Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland). When facing challenging or unprecedented regulatory and compliance issues, we put in place internal task forces together with our external advisors to determine the best way to proceed taking into account all the important factors related to any specific cases.

Our offer

LCS offers you a full range of compliance and regulatory support services from advisory missions, to full delegation of functions including access to our technology resources. We cover a broad range of subjects including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CTF), Know your Customers (KYC) and Know your Transactions (KYT), AIFs and AIFMD including Distribution and Marketing, PRIIPS-KID, CSSF Circulars and Regulations, Due-diligence on counterparties and delegates, Regulatory set-up and filings.